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Thank you for your interest in our Emotional Skills and Deception Detection training courses.  FiveBy5 is very excited to offer research and science based programs from the most influential psychologist of the 20th century, Dr. Paul Ekman. FiveBy5 is one of the first Paul Ekman International licensed training centers in the US and these live programs have only been made available to the US public since 2013.   Originally, Dr. Ekman trained US Government agencies, including the CIA, FBI, ATF, Secret Service and Homeland Security.  Our two core programs are Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC) and Evaluating Truth and Credibility (ETaC).

Our Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC) course is designed to teach you the skills needed to allow you to make more informed decisions based on a persons truthfulness and credibility.  Dr. Ekman and his decades of research and studies in the field of non-verbal behavior and deception detection will give you researched based information that will raise you to limits that surpass the average person in determining credibility.  Dr. Ekman consistently scores in the 95 percentile when determining credibility.  Our courses produce students in the 80 percentile and higher, giving students the ability to immediately apply these skills to their prospective careers.

Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC) course is designed to raise our awareness of emotional skills in ourselves and others and to use our emotional skills to build more constructive relationships.  We do this by first identifying and defining the 7 emotions (Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Disgust, Contempt and Surprise) we use on a daily basis and what they do for us and sometimes against us in our everyday lives. We then move into the area of managing our emotions and finally managing the emotions of others in order to be more productive with our relationships.  This course is a must for anyone in the people management business; Human Resources, Law Enforcement, Therapy, Sales etc.

Our two core courses (Evaluating Truth and Credibility – ETaC) and Emotional Skills and Competencies – ESaC) are based on the most up to date scientific research from the work of Dr. Paul Ekman, Professor of Psychology, University of California-San Francisco.  Dr. Ekman was the scientific advisor to the FOX TV Drama “LieToMe”, which was based on his work/experience which aired from 2009 – 2011.  Dr. Ekman was also TIME Magazine’s Top 100 most influential people of 2009.

Our program material ONLY covers content which is science and research based and Dr. Paul Ekman approved.  We do not include unverified theories and myths that are common in many books and course offerings in this field.  Make the leap from myths and guesswork to data driven analysis.  The average ability of untrained people to distinguish between truth and lies is 54% – no better than chance!  Students trained in our programs are seeing credibility accuracy rates from 70%-90%  This training will enhance your ability to communicate with others in a way that will far exceed your expectations.

“I strive to improve peoples understanding of their emotional life and aid those responsible for public safety by taking the discoveries I made and translating them into practical tools and training programs, based on solid research about the nature of our emotions, trust, and deception” – Dr. Paul Ekman    

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The wide applications and benefits of this emotion based training are outlined by Dr Ekman as follows: "In any transaction that matters whether it's between lovers, between parent and child, between salesman and client, between doctor and patient, between suspect and interrogator, between adversaries at an election, emotion is what we're looking for. Emotions tell us what matters."

- Paul Ekman

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