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David Boonedavid-boone

David Boone is a former Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff who medically retired after an on-duty shooting in 1995.  He began working in the private sector as an investigator and executive protection specialist and worked for several large corporations.  David’s last corporate position was at Toyota Motor Sales as the Manager of Investigations and Manager of Executive Protection before starting his own business.  

David started Pentagon Protective and Investigative Services and has serviced several fortune 500 and fortune 1000 companies as well as numerous celebrities and government officials since his company’s inception in April of 2000.   

In 2009, David began collaborating with the Paul Ekman Group as well as Paul Ekman International focusing on Dr. Ekman’s core programs, Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC) and Establishing Truth and Credibility (ETaC).  David formed FiveBy5 Intelligence Group after being awarded a Licensed Delivery Center for the Western USA by Paul Ekman International to deliver and facilitate Dr. Ekman’s programs in May of 2014.  

David has been a keynote speaker for the 2015 PICA (Private Investigators of California) conference, the 2015 SCFIA (Southern California Fraud Investigators Association) conference as well as numerous keynote-speaking presentations for CALI (California Licensed Investigator of California) association.   

David has consulted for numerous clients on deception detection cases and is working with law enforcement agencies to incorporate emotional skills and deception detection skills training into police academies and advanced officer training centers.  David has also recently accepted a part time instructor position with the Behavioral Analysis Training Institute (BATI), which teaches Interview and Interrogation skills to law enforcement officers.


Aaron Garner


Aaron Garner is a Director of EIA and a Paul Ekman International (PEI) Approved Trainer with a background in behavioural analysis – specializing in reading emotions and evaluation of truth, credibility and deception. He holds a MSc degree in Emotions, Credibility and Deception.

As a Professional Trainer, Coach and Public Speaker he has delivered workshops, trainings, keynotes and talks to a wide range of professionals around the world. He has worked with security and business managers from airlines, government agencies and commercial/investment companies.

Aaron is a Certified Coder for the Facial Action Coding System, a research tool developed for the objective measurement of facial muscle movement and is also an Approved Trainer for Paul Ekman International (PEI) plc. PEI are the sole providers of training on the science and research that has been pooled together over no less than 40 years on the subject of human emotion, facial expressions and deception. This research has been carried out by Dr Paul Ekman, author of many books on the subject and specialist consultant for the FOX TVs hit drama series “Lie To Me”.


Cliff Lansley

Consultancy and related services for emotional intelligence and high stake deception detection contexts (including military/commercial/intelligence/security/police).

Behavior Consultant/Advisor to BBC.
Behavioral Analysis Expert to ITVs “The Lying Game – Crimes that Fooled Britain”.www.crimesthatfooledbritain.com.
‘Face and Emotions’ on Channel 4 – UK.
Deception and Industrial Espionage on HR-TV.

Keynote/Speaker/Trainer/Consultant for ACFE, ABRESCE, SRI, AvSec(Rom), ICF, ICC, ASTD(ATD), CIPD, Euro Air Marshalls, GM Police, DSI(UK), Law Society, International Bar Association, Euro Chamber of Commerce, plus multiple corporate/agency conferences globally.

Consultancy – emotional intelligence, behavioral analysis and deception detection (multiple clients globally).

Supporting professional and educational research and curriculum development up to Masters/PhD level in the fields of forensic emotional intelligence and truth/lie detection.

MSc Programme Director/Tutor – MSc in Emotions Credibility and Deception
PhD Supervisor – Manchester Met University
See www.eiacademy.co.uk and www.10000-hrs.com

Forensic emotional awareness, truth/credibility detection and effective communications.
Emotional intelligence – developing and assessing competence.
Research activity to take behavioural science into forensic, AvSec and commercial contexts – putting science into the ‘soft skills’.
Detecting deception – evaluating truth and credibility.
METT(Facial Micro Expressions) Expert Level.
FACS (Facial Action Coding System) Certified Coder.
Research and development into reading/using facial expressions and voice to engage at a deeper level and more meaningfully with others, including work around micro expressions, subtle facial expressions and the Facial Action Coding System (FACS).
Reading, understanding and influencing others.
Differentiating between lies and truth in high stake contexts.


Dawn Archer

As a Professor of Pragmatics and Corpus Linguistics, Dawn Archer seeks to ensure that her academic work has practical applications for – and, hence, will be of significance to – those whose roles require them to observe the minutiae of human behaviour; how that behaviour might “pattern” within and across different activity types and cultures, in respect to linguistic and paralinguistic features; and its potential consequence(s) for effective communication.

Dawn’s previous research has:

More recently, Dawn has been investigating the linguistic performance of emotion, credibility and deception in a range of contexts (public sector, commercial and professional).

Dawn is particularly well known for her investigations recording (changes to) the discursive practices of the English courtroom (1640-present).


Phil Willcox

A passionate, energetic, self aware and self-motivated HR Professional with exceptional learning and organisational development skills. Ensures successful implementation of HR, L&D and OD initiatives by exercising skills in strategy, planning/project management, and ‘hands on’ elements of work.

Utilising a consultancy approach pulling on excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills at all levels, to understand, influence and deliver organisational achievement. These skills ensure success in working collaboratively with directors, managers, colleagues and teams to inspire and motivate them to achieve individual, team and/or organisational goals.

Specialties: Learning and Development, Organisational Development, Inter and Intra Personal Skills, Leadership and Management Development.

Phil is currently the Managing Director of e3 consultancy, training and coaching ltd.  e3ctc is a specialist business to business provider of learning and organisation development consultancy, training and coaching services.

Phil is a Certified Coder for the Facial Action Coding System, a research tool developed for the objective measurement of facial muscle movement and is also an Approved Trainer for Paul Ekman International (PEI) plc.  PEI is the sole provider of training on the science and research that has been pooled together over no less than 40 years on the subject of human emotion, facial expressions and deception.

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How we Catch a Liar

The wide applications and benefits of this emotion based training are outlined by Dr Ekman as follows: "In any transaction that matters whether it's between lovers, between parent and child, between salesman and client, between doctor and patient, between suspect and interrogator, between adversaries at an election, emotion is what we're looking for. Emotions tell us what matters."

- Paul Ekman

Lie Detection